I cut mTravy teeth in newspapers as a reporter covering local news and high profile cases such as the JonBenet Ramsey and Natalie Mirabal murders, picking up some national and regional awards along the way and appearing on CNN and Court TV as an analyst.

During my time in newspapers, I also ran four community newspapers, launched early newspaper web sites, ran a city desk at a mid-sized daily and served as an editorial board director for a newspaper chain.

After experimenting with one of the newspaper industry’s first dive into user generated content, I was recruited by the Denver Newspaper Agency and the Rocky Mountain News to build YourHub.com from the ground up.  In 2005, we launched 18 community print sections, 44 hyperlocal content portals and a syndication model.

The next few years consisted of running YourHub.com and consulting on hyperlocal start-ups across the nation.

In 2008, I was recruited to help launch Examiner.com, serving as both VP of product and VP of editorial. Our amazing staff quickly turned Examiner.com into a Top 10 News & Information site on the web with over 80,000 freelance Examiners and 20 million monthly uniques.

I then jumped into the digital retail world, leading all content, social, PR, branding, community and SEO efforts at ShopAtHome.com.

Today, I am a co-founder in the startup Unleesh and new media consultant specializing in digital marketing, content and SEO.

Contact me here.

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